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Communities working together to protect Puget Sound.


  • The Puget Sound coastline lies within 12 Washington State counties, while 14 counties lie within the entire watershed. (PS Factbook p. 21)
  • Puget Sound has 1,332 miles of coastline, not including the San Juan Islands or the Strait of Juan de Fuca. (p.16)




What is Puget Sound?

  • Puget Sound is a deep estuary – where saltwater and freshwater merge.

  • Puget Sound is also a huge region, stretching from the Cascade Mountains in the east to the Olympic Mountains in the west and from the Canadian border in the north to Mount Rainier in the south.

  • This region is made up of our local rivers and streams that flow through the region and eventually drain into Puget Sound, as well as the land that drains into these local bodies of water.

  • But, if you live here, you know that Puget Sound is more than water. It’s a diverse landscape filled with cities, suburbs, and agricultural areas. It’s a thriving economic area.

  • The land and water of Puget Sound are intrinsically connected. We rely on Puget Sound for healthy food, recreational opportunities, as well as a large part of our state’s economy. In turn, the health of Puget Sound and the creatures that rely on it are directly impacted by what happens on the land all around them.

  • The Puget Sound region covers 1.6 million acres (2,500 square miles) across 12 counties and is the place that approximately 4.3 million people call home.



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