Pick up after your pets
May 7, 2014
Pick up after your pets
May 7, 2014
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Pet waste is a health issue for the whole family

Pet waste contains disease-causing organisms that can be transmitted to people, pets and wildlife. Things like fecal coliform, bacteria, salmonella, roundworms and giardia can remain in your yard for weeks and months if not cleaned up.

Those little buggers can get tracked into the house on paws or shoes or little hands. And when it rains, pet waste left on the ground mixes with stormwater runoff and the contaminants are carried to nearby waterways where we swim, fish and play.

Landfills are designed to safely handle materials like dog waste. Yards and septic systems are not. If you are attached to a municipal sewer system, you can flush pet waste down the toilet (no kitty litter). Burying or composting pet waste is not safe.

Help keep harmful bacteria out of Puget Sound. Please protect our waterways and remember to scoop the poop, bag it, and place it in the trash.

Learn more:
Dog Doogity – http://pugetsoundstartshere.org/scoop-poop/