With Your Dog
January 31, 2013
With Your Dog
January 31, 2013
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Scoop the Poop


Scoop the poop, bag it and throw it in the trash.

Clean Up After Fido
Backyard poop is a big problem. Keep your yard clean of pet waste by scooping at least weekly if possible. Always carry plastic bags when walking your pet. After you’ve picked it up and bagged it, throw the poop in the garbage and be sure to wash your hands. It’s that simple and your garbage hauler won’t mind (plus, not picking up your dog’s poop is illegal). Just remember to keep the poop out of the yard waste container.

The Issue
Pet waste is raw sewage. It contains hazardous organisms that cause bacterial contamination in local streams, rivers and lakes. When it rains, bacteria in dog poop is carried by stormwater runoff to storm drains, ditches and streams that feed our rivers, lakes and Puget Sound. Dog waste contains fecal coliform bacteria and other disease-causing organisms such as salmonella, roundworms and giardia. These bacteria can make water unsafe to drink or swim in.
Your Rewards!

FACT: 87% of dog poop in Puget Sound lands in our own backyards.

Pet Care Tips

Bathe Pets Indoors: Wash your pets indoors or have your pet professionally groomed. If your dog or animal is so big that he has to be washed outdoors, make sure to do it on the lawn or another permeable surface to keep the bath water from running into a storm drain.

Try a Do-It-Yourself Grooming Shop. There are many shops in the Puget Sound region where you can bathe your pet yourself. Best of all: no after-bath clean up!