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What’s already happening: The City of Lynnwood Surface Water Utility manages a large and complex storm drainage system, addressing flooding and water quality issues in streams and lakes in the public right of way and beyond. The city participates in several multi-jurisdictional surface water efforts aimed at improving water quality throughout the Puget Sound Basin. Recently, the city adopted a Surface Water Management Comprehensive Plan, which is aimed at guiding the surface water efforts over the next five years.

City Contact

Website: http://www.ci.lynnwood.wa.us/surface…
Contact: Jared Bond
Email: jbond@ci.lynnwood.wa.us
Phone: 425-670-5783
Address: PO Box 5008, Lynwood, WA 98046

County Contact

Website: http://www1.co.snohomish.wa.us/Depar…
Contact: Dave Ward
Email: dave.ward@snoco.org
Phone: 425-388-3087
Address: 3000 Rockefeller Ave, MS 607, Everett, WA 98201

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